What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a community marketplace for sellers and buyers. It deals specifically in fashion products which includes new or used clothing, shoes, and accessories and ships in US and Canada. Launch in 2011 by Manish Chandra, the company is headquartered in Redwood City, California.

How is it different from other selling sites?

Although the site looks similar to eBay and Mercari, it allows listings for clothes, accessories, and makeup only. n addition to that, Poshmark is more of a community where one can engage with the followers, understand the buyer needs, be a fashion influencer and give styling tips and create whole wardrobe for them, and then sell.

Step– by – Step guide to sell on Poshmark

1.    The Set Up: Download the App to create a profile in Poshmark using your E-mail Id.

2.    List your products: Find a product to sell in your real closet, click pictures, and upload to your Poshmark closet for sale. Just with the phone!

3.    Share It: Since it is a community, sharing your listing more to your network equals to more sales. Once an item is sold, shipping is on Poshmark.

4.     Earn Cash: Seller receives money in account just after the item is delivered to the buyer. This can be withdrawn anytime from the account by requesting a check, depositing it in checking account or even using it directly on Poshmark purchases.

No hustle Shipping

Once an item is sold, everything shipping is done by the Poshmark. They send the pre-paid and pre-labelled shipping, which only needs to be printed, packaged and dropped at nearest mailbox or Post Office. This pre-paid and pre-labels service protects the seller’s shipment. Poshmark charges flat $7.11 for shipping.

All about Postmark’s Commission

Registering at Poshmark is free, but the site charges commission at every sale. Site displays the correct amount receivable by the seller even before the buyer makes a purchase. In return it handles financial transactions, payment of credit card fees, provide pre-paid pre-addressed shipping labels, and customer support service for the seller.

Postmark’s commission for the same is $2.95 for all sales under $15 and 20% for higher sales. Sales and local taxes is also charges automatically on the items purchases, whenever applicable.

Return of purchased goods

Once the buyer feels that the purchased item is not as per the description, he can claim a return of the product, and the policies for the same mostly side by the buyer. This mandates all the seller to describe their products in best possible way with utmost accuracy, and provide multiple clear and detailed pictures of the products.

Other important tips to excel as a seller

1.     Check items before listing: We all know all pre-loved items are not sale able. Selling right is the key to more sales here. Always check if the products are free from cuts, stains, flawed zippers, snags, smelly and discoloration. If washing and repairing can bring the items to usable stats, do that before listing.

2.     Give every details in description: As said earlier, site mostly sides with the buyer in case of returns, thus it is extremely important to write accurate description to be n safer side and avoid any unnecessary hustle. Mention color, size, shape, material, quality, user guidance if any, faults and imperfections of the product clearly.

3.   Show your photography skills: Click the item from every possible angle, and utilize all the 8 upload options to give every minute details to the buyer.

4.   Use great keywords: Use best suited keywords that define the item, and do your research on the most searched words on the site, to incorporate them in your listing.

5.   Price Intelligently: Postmark is known for bargains. To get saved from this practice, price the items little higher considering the site’s commission, shipping cost, and possible bargain rate.  

6.     Share actively: Sharing and engaging is the key here. Since this is a community based marketplace, your items will get more reach once you share and engage with your followers. Reaching out personally to the people who liked your items and providing them with exciting offers also converts to sale very smoothly.

This site is great to declutter your wardrobe, and make some good space for fresh items. What can be better than earning from the thing that you no longer desire. Have a great selling experience at Poshmark.