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Monthly subscription of $99 that goes towards listings
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Quick Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the $99 subscription work? Is this like a credit where each listing cost is deducted?

When you create an account with Hammoq you will need to first add a $100 balance to your account which will go towards your listings. This one-time payment is deducted when listing an item (Each Listing is $1.45), Cross Listing (Each Cross Listing is $0.45), and De-listing (Each item De-listed $0.10) from the marketplaces you want to sell on.

What's the difference between the $99 and all the other prices you see below?

After 30 days a monthly charge of $99 be go towards you balance we subtract for each listing ($1.45), cross listing ( $0.45), and de-listings ($0.10) from the marketplace you sell on.

After 30 days do I keep the remaining balance?

And at the end of the 30 days the $99 expires if you don’t use it.

To Create An Account, Does Hammoq Need My Account Info And Login Information?

Yes, We need login info for most marketplaces so we can cross list and manage your sales; depending on what marketplaces you sell on, we need permissions when you fill out the setup form before your one-time payment of $100.

Do I Have To Download/Install Anything?

Nope. You do not need to download or install anything.

Is There A Contract?

Nope, No contracts. Cancel at anytime.

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