Why Alyssa switched to HAMMOQ after using virtual assistants 


Alyssa started off reselling part-time, then went full-time a few years ago, selling on eBay, Poshmark, and Etsy. As Alyssa’s business grew, she found ways to optimize and grow her reselling business to the full potential. She realized the amount of time she was spending Selling on multiple marketplaces is a tedious task. Listing my items and then cross-listing it to various sites can take hours; even when I tried software tools to help copy the listings into other marketplaces, it never really saved me time. 

Alyssa hired a Virtual Assistance to help her list her items faster, but after finding and training them, that was not a sustainable model for her, as she was never able to find a reliable VA. The main goal of hiring a VA is to save her time by outsourcing many of the day-to-day tasks. 

After many problems with her past, VA’s Alyssa decided on several challenges while choosing a VA to manage her eCommerce store. Alyssa realized that there were too many problems that she ran into while having a VA manage her stores; finding a qualified VA, training them to do it right, maintaining the required standards, and relying on them to get the task done in time. As sometimes, she did not hear back from them for several days. 

 Alyssa scheduled a free consultation. Within a few minutes, she began uploading photos onto our database and was able to rely on a service that takes care of every process within the middle of her business. Alyssa spends her time just sourcing inventory and shipping us. 

After the first month, she realized all of her issues were going to be gone.

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