Today, we’d like to go over those strategies, and how you, too, can implement them into your online store to become the next millionaire reseller on the market.

Refining your processes should always be at the forefront of your mind. Many times, it can be hard for us resellers not to want to source everything available. Unfortunately, that can lead to way too many death piles of extra inventory.

Extra inventory is never a bad problem to have, but it does make for some serious headaches along the way. Sorting, checking for flaws, pairing items together, etc. It can all take a lot of time and a lot of resources.

If you’re up for checking out the biggest death pile of them all, pop over to this video next and see how we’re currently working our way through 120,000 pairs of shoes!

What processes are we referring to?

  1. Making sure you have all the necessary items for your setup
  2. Focusing on getting everything in a proper order
  3. Keeping auto subscriptions on that save you steps in re-ordering
  4. Keeping everything uniform for easy workflow

Making Sure You Have All The Necessary Items For Your Setup

These items can include such things as simple as shipping tape, or permanent markers, even certain pens that you prefer using over others! Whatever works best for you, make sure you’re keeping it handy and within reach at all times so that you can move along better from task to task.

Narrow it down if you have to so that you’re not missing anything along the way. Make sure you have everything you need ahead of time, so that when it comes time to get down to business, you’ve got what you need, where you need it.

Focusing On Getting Everything In A Proper Order

Chaos in the workplace has never been known for getting much of anything done. When you have time to get your supplies in order, you won’t be struggling to find that roll of tape or white eraser when you need it most.

Keeping your tables cleared off and ready for photographing or shipping, is essential to keeping the flow of your work moving smoothly and efficiently. Which in turn, can help you to move more inventory in and out of your workplace.

Keeping Auto Subscriptions On That Save You Steps In Re-Ordering

By keeping your subscriptions up to date and running automatically, you can drastically reduce the amount of time spent on mundane tasks.

Turn on whatever subscriptions you need to run your business easier, such as:

  • Shipping supplies, (boxes, polybags, shipping tape, etc.)
  • Office supplies, (stickers, thank you cards, pens/markers, etc.)
  • Bottled water or other services you may use for your company

Let's not leave out our favorite postal service, USPS. By visiting their website, you can schedule a pick-up for your packages, that can be recurring or for just certain days of the week.

This could be a huge help in streamlining your processes, since you can then eliminate the time usually spent on trips to the post office.

Speaking of subscriptions, you could also look into ordering inventory in wholesale or bulk, so that you would no longer need to drive to one or multiple locations to source from.

A lot of these sites will offer subscriptions or re-orders that are automatically sent, so that you can spend less time worrying about when your next shipment will be delivered.

Keeping Everything Uniform For Easy Workflow

Once you become accustomed to a certain workflow, both yourself and your employees will begin to work faster and more efficiently since any item you need is always available and in the same location.

Make processes that are easily repeatable and create the flow that stays consistent throughout your company. The more processes that can be put on autopilot, the quicker you will become, which in turn will get you to your goals faster as well.

Become a Critical Thinker to Create Ongoing Business Relationships

To accomplish what others can’t in your niche, you’re going to need to create business relationships that last. This way, you’ll be able to purchase inventory on an ongoing basis, and will always have an idea of where you’re sourcing from.

Forming these bonds with the best business partners on the market, will ensure that you never run out of inventory, and can then start to scale at a faster rate.

However, once you start to scale at this level, you’re not going to be able to complete all the normal tasks for listing on your own. Hammoq would like to help with that, so you can maximize your potential and profits.

Make Sure To Capitalize On The Inventory You Already Possess

Many businesses will continue to buy and buy until their warehouse or storage unit is full to the brim. We’d like you to implore the idea of running with the stock that you already have, and maximizing each book to its fullest potential.

In this strategy, you’ll be able to create additional value for your business with each book that is sold, decreasing the need to keep purchasing additional inventory.

Monetize Every Avenue To Optimize Your ROI

Make sure to monetize a higher percentage of your inflow of new books. By doing so, you won’t leave any money on the table, and can create new channels of revenue that others in your niche may not have.

Try listing on new marketplaces that fit your niche and make sure to describe your items perfectly every time.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with the listing aspect of your business, Hammoq can help with that. Our software is designed to help you optimize your ROI by listing items online to the platform of your choice faster and more accurately.

Cash Flow is King

If you have doubts about accepting an offer, or think a counter offer is your best option, this million dollar seller likes to think differently. Sometimes, just accepting a low offer is key to creating more flow in your business and helps kick the algorithm into high gear since you’ll be moving through more inventory.

Which million dollar seller are we referring to? Check out this video when you’re finished here to learn more about how he’s gotten to the top of the book selling world and has established a million dollar business online.

How did he do it? By simply following the strategies listed above, and trusting a quality cherry-picked team of dedicated employees that mesh well with the business and love what they do.

Take It Slow And Know Your Numbers

If you have a business background like Dave does, (the 800K book seller), you may be able to hit the ground running a bit faster than most.

However, if you’re new to reselling, he has a few tips for you to follow to create a successful business:

  • Take it slow! Don’t go so fast that you are forgetting things in your process. Create a good routine to follow that is also easy to show your employees in the future, so that everyone is abiding by the same processes and completing all tasks with consistency.
  • Know your numbers. Get to know your numbers through and through. This is the basis upon which you can decide whether or not to source additional inventory, or if you need to work through what you already have in stock.
  • Keep your turnover rate in mind and make sure that you know the market well before diving in. Knowing how fast each book turns over on average and what each one’s ROI is, is crucial to keeping your numbers in the right spot.
  • Start small, don’t rush things. Becoming a reseller can take extreme focus and commitment to the craft. If you are signing long leases and operating in giant warehouses from the start, your overhead won’t take long to exceed your sales. Keep it simple and start out selling from your garage or spare bedroom. Only move up to the next level when you’re completely comfortable and know that your business can handle it.

Hammoq Can Help You Get To Your Book Selling Goals

Want to be like the 800K book reseller? We can support you in your sales climbing journey. With our software in place, you’ll be able to list more items per day, leading to an increase in overall sales.

This in turn will maximize your profit margins, and will benefit your business by allowing more time for you and your employees to sort through the best books to flip, finding additional sources of suppliers, and saving time in the research that’s required to properly describe each book.

Start finding your way to the top of the reselling chain by listing more accurately and efficiently. Let us support you in finding the best way to build your book selling business and start making up to 40% more in sales on average.

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