In this article, you’ll find out why becoming a reseller is a true step to financial freedom, and how by just simply selling shoes of all kinds can actually get you to your goals faster than ever before.

Saving for a home? How about that dream car? Or perhaps you just want to start saving more for your kids' college funds or your parents' retirement. Whatever the case may be, quitting your day job may just be the next best step.

Well, you don’t have to quit your day job. You could simply kick it with reselling on the side and hustle at home after coming back from work for the day. Being a reseller is the best of both worlds, since you can work on it at your own pace. The more you work on your business, the bigger and better it will grow.

If you need more time to spend with your family, work on your reselling gig a little less. Or if you’re still living it up in your bachelor pad, by all means go at it full force. Whatever works for you is what is best for your business in the long run.

What About the Other Categories?

First of all, selling more than one category can get extremely tiring after some time, not to mention the extensive learning you’re going to have to do for each and every one to create the perfect listings.

Being a jack of all trades can surely benefit you at the end of it all, but what about the time it takes you to get to the end in the first place? With each category, you’re going to have to work out all the little details and kinks that may arise, since every item is going to be practically new to you.

When you choose to just master one category at a time, you will be able to scale your business at a much faster rate. You’ll gain knowledge about each item every time you source it, and can make sure to keep it in mind for your next thrift trip.

There are literally thousands of different shoe styles, colors (besides the regular ones you’re thinking of), heights, soles, heels, fabrics, etc. The list could go on and on.

This means that you’re going to need a lot of time to dedicate to each category, so you may as well stick with one at a time before hopping over to the next. Get efficient and get knowledgeable in one category at a time, and you’ll be sure to have pleased customers that know exactly what they’re getting from your store.

Shoes are Easy to Source

Shoes are practically everywhere. They’re in nearly every single thrift store you visit, whether that be a mini mom and pop store or a giant Goodwill. They’re at flea markets, bins locations, and at giant retail stores on clearance.

They can also be found in excess at your neighborhood garage sales, yard sales, estate sales and more. Oftentimes, these are some of the best pick up spots as you can easily negotiate with the seller on buying in bulk or purchasing a lot at one time. (Which we highly recommend trying to do!)

After a while, you’ll get to know how much you should be spending on certain pairs, and will be able to differentiate between specific styles and brands. Some may run you just a few dollars, while others are worth spending a pretty penny on. The choice is yours, but we recommend doing some research before heading out for your first sourcing trip.

What Should You Research?

Research is essential in any kind of business. However, if you don’t do your homework as a reseller, (especially if you’re just starting out), you’ll likely end up with a bunch of duds that will sit on your shelves for near eternity. Now, that’s one way to not make a passive income.

If you really want to work as a reseller full-time, either now or in the near future, you need to make sure you’re picking up the right shoes, every time. Don’t waste your time in the thrift, make sure you’re doing your digging before you head out.

We recommend keeping a list with you as well when you’re beginning on your journey, so that you can keep these fresh in your memory when sorting through the items on the racks.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what the top things to research are when you’re looking for the best shoes to pick up:

  • Currently trending shoes
  • Nostalgic brands or styles
  • Colors that are most popular for the current season or year
  • Style numbers to keep at the top of your list
  • How to use the “bend” test (See what we mean by this below)
  • What flaws to be looking out for
  • What price points to keep in mind that leave room for expenses and profits
  • What celebrities or influencers are currently wearing

Having a solid idea in mind before you head out to source, is especially important when you want to turn your side hustle into a business. Whether you choose to have a high profit low turnover, or low profit high turnover business model, you will still do better to abide by the list mentioned above.

**Pro Tip: What is the “Bend” Test?

The best way to describe the bend test, is to take your average sneaker, athletic shoe, runner/jogger, or tennis shoe, and bend the sole slightly in half. If you notice cracking of any kind, return this pair to the rack. These have lived out their life and most likely will be too broken down to get any good use out of them after your customers purchase them.

Shoes are Easy to Ship, Too!

If you’ve ever shipped an item in the past, you’ll know that there are tons of different dimensions and weight that you need to get correct. Fortunately, most shoes can be pretty easy to ship, and will only get easier once you get the hang of it and have several under your belt.

If you sell on Poshmark or Mercari, this job can be even easier for you. Since they have pre populated shipping label sizes already set, you just need to choose which one works best for your item and go from there.

However, if you are a seller on eBay or some other platforms, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of the shipping process on this marketplace. It isn’t difficult, but there are more steps involved.

The best way to ship on eBay is to create shipping rates according to packages you usually send out, this way you just need to choose which template suits you best when shipping.

You will need a simple postal scale, which you can get at your local retail store or even online, and perhaps a few boxes or poly mailers to get set up for the shipping process.

Luckily, the USPS has kindly provided us a plethora of free shipping supplies, that range from several different size boxes to multiple different kinds of poly bags. Just head over to their website to get a better idea of what they have to offer when you’re finished here.

When you need to worry about shipping only one category, you’re going to find it to be a much easier process than if you had to ship out hard goods, breakables, clothing, jewelry, etc. You would then have to spend time learning how each one needed to be packaged, but with shoes, you only need to spend time learning just one.

Hammoq Can Help You Reach Your Passive Income Goals

With all the time you’ll be spending on creating lists by researching for your sourcing trips, and spending time cleaning, organizing, and sorting your new inventory and shipping spaces, you’re going to have less time to dedicate to actually doing the part that gets you sales...listing!

That’s where we’d like to come in and help out. By working together with our team of remote VA’s, (virtual assistants), you’ll be able to generate those sales quicker than you thought possible.

We’ll be able to list for you on the backend after you turn in for the night, so that you have fresh, expertly described listings to wake up to the next day. All we need from you is a few photos and a couple details, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Sign up today through our mobile app on your iPhone or Android, and get started listing your items in less than 12 hours. Let us come along with you in climbing the ladder to reach your reselling goals.

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