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Hammoq can help you list 20+ listings in an hour or less. That means you will be more quick, efficient, and work will get done in no time. But if you don’t know how to use Hammoq, this guide will help you a lot. If you own an e-commerce business, the Hammoq app will handle your listings entirely with a combination of automation and humans.

If you want to benefit the most out of the app, then make sure you follow these 5 steps for listing:

1. Photo Items

2. Upload photos 

3. Virtual Assistant will add items to drafts 

4. Wait (unfortunately first few listings take longer)

5. Approve, Launch & Repeat


1. Photo Products

The first step is to take photos of the items you are selling on your marketplace. It can be anything, but the photographs of the products should give a clear and visible idea of how the product looks. 

1. Set up a dedicated location for taking product images

2. Click each angle and condition

3. Bulk photography or IOS App photography  

Download on the IOS App store today and start listing faster and more effectively than ever before. We've taken the legwork out of listing products. Use our easy photo-based app to create an Ebay listing or a cross-listing on several channels including Mercari, Poshmark, and much more. Use the 24 hour virtual assistant access to take care of all of the tedious listing activities such as the research behind the pricing, title, description, item specifications and more, leaving you free to focus on what you do best – selling more products and making more money!

2. Upload Photos

Desktop Application  or IOS App

The following step is to upload the photos to the Hammoq desktop application. This can be easily done by dragging multiple photos from the computer to the web (desktop) app. You can also give the details in the description of the images as the photos sometimes cannot tell everything.  

1. Upload the photos on your computer or app

2. Drag the pictures to browse option

3. Add context with the photos like specifications, model, SKU, or measurements

Apple IOS App

If you are using the Hammoq IOS App we recommend taking the photos within side of the app by selecting the camera icon button on the bottom navbar. You will always have the option to upload your photos from the camera album, just hit the circle photo icon on the top right of the listing view (left of the flash icon). You'll first be shown recent photos, but you can select any photos from your photos and albums by hitting the back button. 

Once you select your photos for your listing hit done. You can upload photos from there; the photos you provided are often enough information.

Within the Hammoq listing interface, you will see a panel bar on the left side of the listing view which will enable you to enter SKUs, COGS, Brand Quantity, Gender, Notes (leave a note for your Hammoq VA when needed), and a place for you to select the marketplaces you want to list on, and condition of the product. Hammoq do the the rest of the work and tasks that would otherwise take about  8- 15 minutes per product. Our team and AI will then do research behind the pricing, SEO title, comprehensive descriptions, item specifics and optimal key words and shipping options

3. A Virtual Assistant Will Add Items to The Draft


After uploading the photos to the Hammoq app, a virtual assistant will make the draft for you. The drafts are an important part to providing vital feedback for your VA and allows you to view all the listings before publishing. Hammoq allows for full publishing after you VA is trained with your Standard Operation Procedure and can make each listing 100% suitable for your business quality.

1. A virtual assistant will add items to the draft

2. Make personal adjustments like in price or any other details

Also, you can list on eBay with the cross-listing on other platforms with the help of Hammoq.

4. Wait for your VA to Draft first batch of listings


Yes, you will need to wait. We understand the frustration with waiting for such an important part to your business, but we believe you are going to love the quality of each listing. The first few listings require a little time for your Hammoq VA to adjust to the specifications of your items and business. It is suggested to review drafts and prepare for a about a 24 hour turnaround time period after listing with your Hammoq VA for the first two weeks. The first week will be a period in which your VA will learn your SOP and begin to ramp up listings after the first week of listings. Your VA will message you and ask you to review the first batch of  listings and begin work when you submit your next batch of listings

1. VA’s are uploading to your sites new Members experience a longer wait

2.  Wait (2 - 3 days) certain items may take longer

3.  After a week, your VA will begin listing your products in 24 hours

Your VA requires a few listing batches and feedback by you (message VA on WhatsApp) to understand what and how you do the listings, and afterward, it will be smooth and fast.

Create listings up to 10x faster, for items that will sell for a better price in less time! 

5. Approve, Launch, Repeat


If you want to increase your products' selling rate, make sure you review your listings multiple times before giving them the go-ahead. 

1. Go through the listings in drafts before you launch them

2. If you think all is set, launch

3. Repeat the process for daily listings 


Hammoq is the most straightforward app you can work with. All you must do is take photos, upload them; VA will create the drafts for you, review them, and launch. That's it.

Sellers have said it themselves, listing their items is the most time consuming part of their business. Save your time and create listings up to 10x faster using Hammoq's ecommerce listing software.

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