Source, Photograph, List, Sell, Ship and Repeat. The life of a reseller! If you are a busy full time, or even part time, reseller, these steps can take up a lot of time, so you start looking for ways to streamline the process and to make your business more efficient. One proven way to help you is to hire a Virtual Assistant. Here are 3 ways that doing so can help your resell business in 2021:

1) Your Virtual Assistant, or VA, is a Full Time employee and already fully Trained- Your personal VA will already know how to list, and not just on eBay but on several reselling platforms. Ebay and other platforms want certain things from their resellers, whether in requirements or activity, and your VA is knowledgeable about all of those. Your listing happens faster and saves you time. They are always there so you don’t have to be. These are Full Time employees that you do not have to find replacements for when they have to take a day off from work. Here at Hammoq, we have many VA’s on our staff, so someone just replaces them for the time needed, and you continue with smooth, continual assistance with no pause in service.

2) Fast and Simple Reselling Tool- Aren’t those the best two words in Business?…well besides “Big Profits”! But yes this app is so simple that once you have your short consultation, you can get listing and cross-listing in just minutes. Right there on the app, upload the photos of your item and answer a few questions concerning the description. Then that’s all. Your VA takes over and lists it for you on eBay in a consistent, and high quality format. This makes it possible to list more items for more profit…How? Well, you can grow your business from 200 items to 300 and 500 items without losing quality of listings, plus the almighty eBay algorithm will love you.

3) Cross Post to other sites- Posting an item on several resell sites gets your item in front of many more eyes, and to those who are looking for your specific item. Many resellers know this, but because of the many extra hours needed to cross post, they avoid doing so. But when you use a Virtual Assistant, cross posting to all of your other favorite reselling platforms takes basically 0% of your time. The fact that your time can be used to source more items, send more items to be listed to your VA, ship items out faster and earlier…you are increasing efficiency. Profit is sure to increase and you will grow your business!

When you consider these three tips and reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant, you can really start making a plan of how to scale your business, make more time for family and friends, and truly start enjoying running your own business and being your own Boss!