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Hammoq Mobile App That List Products On eBay, Depop, Amazon,  Poshmark, Etsy, and Letgo all on one app.Hammoq Software that Auto Lists on eBay, poshmark, amazon, Depop

We Automate The Tasks That Keep Your eCommerce Business From Growing 

All the hours you spend prepping, cleaning, testing, listing, cross listing, shipping, servicing customers, handling returns, managing inventory, tracking your P&L can now be automated with Hammoq

Streamline Your Business With HAMMOQ

"Stop spending 40 hours a week doing every task on your own and hire a service that will do it for you."

How Chris only worked 4 hours a week and increased his sales by 42% in less than two months 

Resellers like Chris are using HAMMOQ to streamline their business from A to Z. With  automation in place he now has more time to source and the freedom to work less. "HAMMOQ gives you automation with a systemized structure... this allows for significantly more time, growth, and sales!"
Additional Hours Available For Sourcing Inventory
Sales With Automation & Cross Listing
Man in front of laptop. Reviewing his listing on Stock X, Depop, eBay, Amazon

Sell More

Hammoq customers sell more.
Our customers are seeing 4x sales.  They list more products and sell more products.  Hammoq is on demand and requires no setup.  Just signup and start.
A man who is in front of his laptop looking at his sales.

Work Less

Save 90% of the time needed on listings.
Our customers are able to list in under 30 seconds per listings.  Just send us the photos and condition...we do the rest!  If you list 100 products weekly...that’s 20 hours saved per week.
A girl with more sales becuase of Hammoq Services

Make More Sales

Our customers sell on more sites.
Our customers spend ZERO mins crosslisting.  It’s simple...just sit back and relax...the crosslisting happens for you!

50 Listings In One Hour Across Six Marketplaces

A consignment shop owner who doubled her sales using using Hammoq Services
"I was able to start selling within an hour and it takes me only an hour to get 60 SKUs online"
A person selling 100 SKUs online will take ~20 hours just listing them. With HAMMOQ they need to spend only 10% of that time! 

How we brought a consignment shop online and doubled their sales

Julia's business was shut down due to COVID-19 and losing money each month. She learned about HAMMOQ through a friend and decided to try selling her in-store products online. She scheduled a call, signed up and was up and running the same day. Within a week her full store was digitized and online.  Julia's sales started increasing and today she sells about 60% of her products online.
of sales are online
Sales in one quarter
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Streamline your business by maximizing your time. Bring revenue to your business through online sales.

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