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Automate The Tasks That Keep Your eCommerce Business From Growing 

All the hours you spend listing, cross listing, shipping, servicing customers, handling returns, managing inventory, tracking your P&L can now be automated with Hammoq.

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Sell More Products
Hammoq customers sell more.
Our customers are seeing 4x sales. Cross listing to multiple marketplaces increases the visibility of your items, which means more sales!
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Work Less
Save 95% of the time needed on listings.
Our customers save an average of 80 hours a month. Create all your listings within the Hammoq app. Just submit the photos and condition. We do the rest!
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Make More Sales
Our customers sell on more sites.
Our customers spend ZERO mins cross listing.  It’s simple...just sit back and relax...the cross listing happens for you!
Start Listing 100+ Items In Less Time
List and cross listing on any eCommerce site with a few photos
Ryan and Lindsay, AKA "RNZY," have consistently increased the number of listings each day with just one click of a button. With each item automatically posted on multiple sites simultaneously, they increase the visibility and sales by up to 43%. HAMMOQ helps resellers like Ryan and Lindsay streamline the listing, and cross listing, and sales process all within a single app.

"In the next 30 or 60 days, we're going to increase our listings to probably 50 pairs six days a week. Than probably to over a hundred pairs six days a week in the next six to eight months."
100 +
Listings a Day
Sales in one quarter
Ryan and Lindsay can now make their entire business 10X more efficient and can triple their listing speed and sales goal in under three months.
Start Selling In Under 5 Minutes
Streamline your business by maximizing your time.
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What Our Customers Say

Hammoq is a great opportunity for you to source and photograph your items, give Hammoq notes and let them take care of drafting the items.
Hammoq has been so brilliant in getting Al.
My sales on ebay are up over 900% because of Hammoq!
I've really been enjoying my experience with Hammoq and I'm excited to see how much I can get my listings to grow and my store to grow. I am going to photograph 20 items instead of 10. I used to do 10 each day before using Hammoq.
The price is very competitive! We are just really enjoying the app, if you do have any questions reach out to them. They are very responsive and helpful.
Over the last three months we've probably made about 16 thousand dollars off of trash. All we have to do is to submit photos and the condition of the item and their virtual assistant will do the rest, title, description, product research and pricing.
Listing on Hammoq app is so easy. You either take photos right within the app or select photos you’ve already taken and hit upload. The next morning they will be ready for you to review.
You guys are really good at doing titles. It’s a team of humans, just communicate with them and they will do the listings the way you want.
Start Listing All Your Items With Just a Few Photos
Get online today. Let Hammoq do the rest, while you focus on growing your business.
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